Mother and Daughter: Facial Aging in a Modern Era

If you’re looking for a sign to invest in your skin, this is it!

This photo elucidates the morphological changes during aging of bone, ligaments, muscles, and fat. Both women are beautiful inside & out!

The major forces responsible for facial aging include gravity, soft tissue maturation, skeletal remodeling, muscular facial activity, and solar changes.

Aging occurs in all involved facial structures but the onset and the speed of age-related changes differ between each specific structure, between each individual, and between different ethnic groups. Therefore, knowledge of age-related anatomy is crucial for a injector’s work when trying to restore a youthful face.

Genetics plays an important role in aging. How your mother ages can provide a glimpse into how your face may change over time. Environment, health, and lifestyle choices matter too.

Here’s a split face of Jenny & her mother at ages 38 & 68. How Jenny will age will likely be similar but she’s already incorporated a variety of preventative measures that her mother didn’t have the luxury of having such as medical grade skincare, neurotoxins, dermal fillers, PRP microneedling & injections, and BBL/MOXI laser treatments. It’s a privilege to be alive in any generation but we are fortunate to grow up with so much science and preventative skincare.

When we start preventative skin treatments early we are supporting collagen & elastin production. The effects are significant over time and delay the signs of aging while keeping a natural and refreshed appearance.