Seattle’s Premier Vascular Occlusion Simulation Training for Aesthetic Injectors

In the fast-paced world of aesthetic nursing and medicine, continuous learning and hands-on training are essential for providing world class patient care. Skin Synthesis is proud to offer a unique educational experience through our Vascular Occlusion Simulation Lab (VO Sim Lab) in Seattle which is aimed at enhancing the clinical skills of aesthetic nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians.

Led by our experienced Medical Director, Jennifer Hartley, this course provides a comprehensive learning opportunity that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Jennifer’s didactic session teaches safe injection practices aimed at minimizing adverse events. It outlines optimal clinic preparedness strategies, discusses the pathophysiology of VO, highlights assessment challenges, offers crucial insights into managing VOs effectively, and emphasizes how to leverage a team approach during an adverse event.

What sets our VO Sim Lab apart is the immersive, hands-on portion, where attendees actively engage in various simulations. As healthcare professionals, we frequently engage in simulation-based learning with courses like BLS and ACLS to ensure we’re adequately trained and are ready to effectively respond to emergencies. From tackling VO scenarios to facing an injector’s greatest fear (vision loss), participants are given the opportunity to test their skills in a safe and controlled environment with a small course size.

An injector assessing her patient after the patient reported vision loss during hyaluronic acid filler injections during a simulation training

Attendee feedback for our VO Sim Lab has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants experiencing a substantial increase in confidence levels post-course. Participants leave with an enhanced knowledge base, improved critical thinking skills, and valuable insights to implement within their clinical operations. All attendees leave with a list of our VO kit medical supplies and individuals can elect to purchase our VO protocol to have in their own practices. The opportunity to network and establish connections with other providers is also essential for many attendees.

“This course strengthened my knowledge and understanding, improved my clinical assessment, increased my confidence, and made me a safer and more prepared injector.”

Sam, RN Injector

Calling all aesthetic nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians in the PNW region: Skin Synthesis invites you to elevate your injector skills and broaden your knowledge through our VO Sim Lab! Join us in this transformative learning experience that promises to enhance your abilities and improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Interested in attending? Visit and complete the inquiry form or email us at for more information.